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The StarDial shows the thirteen constellations that form the Ecliptic.

The StarDial
In the course of one year, the Sun “visits” a number of constellations. This path is called the Ecliptic, and, is divided into the twelve well known constellations of the Zodiac. But, the Sun really visits thirteen constellations. Learn all about it with the StarDial! Find this dial at eBay keyword: StarDial.

To hear a one minute presentation about Ophiuchus and the StarDial, click the arrow below.

Fun & Games
Does your horoscope seem a little off every day? Does it seem to be written for someone else? Chances are it is! Find out where the Sun was when you were born. You could be an Ophiuchus! On a StarDial, point the arrow to your date of birth and read the name of the constellation. If opposites attract, use the arrow to find your opposite.


Why seek your opposite? When people are together they create energy. There are many types of energy such as kinetic, mechanical, and potential. Then there is pure energy.
We know that E=mc² and this E is pure energy. To become this energy, matter must collide with anti-matter, its opposite.

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